4 Effective Tips to Help You Paint Seagrass Furniture After Repairing It

Many people may wish to prolong the life of seagrass furniture by painting it. However, some people may be unsure about how to paint this type of furniture because of its small strands. This article discusses some tips that will help you to paint your seagrass furniture after you have repaired a tear in its woven pattern.

Use the Right Brush

It is necessary to scrape off any remaining paint before you repaint your seagrass furniture. However, not every wire brush that you can find will be appropriate for this task. You should select a brass brush to prepare the seagrass for painting. A soft wire brush may also work in case you cannot find the brass brush at your local hardware store. Any hard brush will damage the furniture as you try to remove the flaking paint.

Always Use a Primer

It is always advisable to apply two coats of an oil-based wood primer on the seagrass furniture before you start painting it. This primer serves two important functions. First, it helps to create a soft surface onto which the paint coat will adhere. Secondly, the primer saves you from using a lot of paint during the repainting project. The seagrass is capable of absorbing a lot of paint before the paint is able to show on the surface of the furniture. The primer reduces how much paint would be lost during that absorption process.

Use Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint is very good for painting your seagrass furniture for several reasons. First, oil-based paint remains flexible for its entire service life. This is important because the strands of the seagrass furniture aren’t rigid. Secondly, oil-based paint easily adheres onto the seagrass. This helps to make the furniture to have a uniform appearance after you have repaired and painted it.

Use a Spray Booth

The best way to paint seagrass furniture is to spray paint it. However, this method can make the exercise to become very expensive due to the amount of paint that is lost in over-spray (paint blown away by the wind). You can reduce this loss of paint by making an improvised spray booth using a cardboard box from which an appliance was delivered to your home. This improvised booth will shield the furniture from wind so that less paint is lost.

Follow the tips above and your seagrass furniture will look attractive for several years to come after you apply the paint once the seagrass repairs are completed.

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Pre-Loved Weber Kettle Barbeques: What To Know Before You Buy

When it is time to move out of your parent’s home for the first time, chances are you are not going to be flush with cash. This means you are going to be carefully considering your budget while furnishing your home, and one way to stretch the budget even further is to buy used goods. Because Australians love to cook outside when the weather lets them, you cannot go past the purchase of a barbeque for your new home’s patio. Weber kettle barbeques are a lovely choice for creating culinary delights, but is there anything in particular that you need to be mindful of before buying a used one? Use this advice to make sure you grab a bargain rather than a bust.

Ask About Age And Use

One of the first questions you want to ask of the seller is the age of the Weber they are selling. If the barbeque is more than 10 years old, you will want to check how much longer the warranty for that particular grill will last. Additionally, ask the seller if they still have the warranty card that came with the barbeque as you will want to take this with you if you buy it.

The age of the barbeque also matters when you ask the seller about how often they used it. A barbeque that is 5 years old but was only used 3-4 times a year has a lot more life left in it than one which is 5 years old and used every weekend.

Rust Damage

The next thing you need to do is visually inspect the barbeque. The inside grills and outside handles can easily be replaced by a Weber barbeque dealer if they are damaged. However, if there is any rust that has eaten through the body of the barbeque, then you should walk away from the sale. The main problem of a rusting barbeque body is the safety issue as it could collapse unexpectedly while cooking. Nobody wants a pile of burning coals landing on the patio of their first home.

If there is no rust and the kettle barbeque seems relatively solid, then it is the perfect investment for your first place. Take it home, give it a wash with some hot, soapy water and then you will be all ready to invite your friends and family over for a weber barbeque feast that will make your mum and dad proud.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing Your Household Items for a Move

It can be good to call for professional removalists to help you move, especially if you have a large number of furniture pieces that may be too cumbersome for you to manage on your own. A removalist may give you instructions on how to prepare certain pieces for your move, but it’s good to think of what you can do in advance to get everything ready and to ensure nothing gets damaged. Note a few common mistakes you want to avoid when you’re getting ready for a move.

1. Furniture pieces are not storage containers

Unless you have the lightest of clothing in the drawers, you probably want to empty all your dressers of everything inside. You also need to avoid thinking of your furniture pieces as storage containers when you move; never put anything in the drawers, especially not heavy items like books. These can cause the bottom of the drawers to bend or pop out or even to crack and break. A furniture removalist may even recommend that you remove the drawers themselves to keep them from potentially sliding around and putting pressure on the tracks and causing damage.

2. Tape and cords

Taping or otherwise securing drawers and doors of furniture pieces can protect them from sliding around or coming out and getting broken if you’re leaving your pieces intact, but you need to exercise caution with the type of tape or cords you might use. Duct tape can pull the finish off furniture and even cause some wood pieces to splinter. Painter’s tape may be less strong, but it won’t typically harm the finish of furniture. If you’re going to use cords, be mindful of how any attachments might also damage furniture pieces; keep hooks to cords away from the glass window of an oven door or dresser drawer handles that might come loose.

3. Avoid ink and dyes

Newspaper may be a cheap packing material, but the ink on paper can easily transfer to your dishes, clothes, and furniture items. You also want to avoid putting fabrics next to each other during a move, as their dyes can also transfer. Don’t stack drapes on top of upholstered furniture in the truck, as they may stain both fabrics, especially if your furniture was never treated with any type of fabric sealant or stain repellent. It’s good to even avoid allowing fabric to rub up against wood, as the stains used on wood can rub off on those clothes, drapes, and linens. Keep anything with ink or dyes away from your items during shipping to protect their color and finish.

Talk to your removalists for more advice to help your furniture removal go smoothly.

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When compared to other hardwoods, teak comes out on top

When it comes to buying wooden outdoor furniture, you should always go for a hardwood, to ensure that your furniture is weather resistant and durable. Teak is popular choice, because it is an extremely durable wood that is resistant to weathering, fungus and insects. This is because it is a dense wood and is rich in natural oils.

Teak is also a very heavy wood and is expensive. There are other hardwood alternatives to teak which are more affordable. If you compare these woods to teak, they are also not quite the same quality.

Nyotah wood

Nyatoh is a hardwood, but is not nearly as resistant to termites and weathering as teak. It is far less water resistant and can rot if it is exposed to too much water. Nyatoh needs to be protected with oils, because it does not have the same amount of natural oils as teak. It has to be maintained regularly, whereas teak requires little maintenance.

Shorea wood

Like teak, shorea wood is rich in natural oils and is a dense wood. This makes it highly resistant to water and also to infestation by termites. It has an attractive red-brown colour, darker than the typical golden brown of teak. Shorea is not as resistant as teak and has to be treated to be protected against weathering. Because shorea wood grows more prolifically than teak, it is a more affordable wood.

Sheesham wood

Sheesham wood is an attractive wood, some of which has a golden brown colour similar to that of teak. The wood can vary in shade to a deep brown and sometimes has darker streaks. Like teak, sheesham is a resistant wood that does not decay, warp or split. It is also not susceptible to termites. Also like teak, it is used for ship fittings.

Mango wood

Mango is another hardwood that is similar to teak. It is hard and durable, but not as hardy or as resistant to weathering as teak, or as sheesham wood. It is also a lighter wood than teak. Mango wood can be vulnerable to fungi and so has to be processed well. It is fairly water resistant.

The alternative hardwoods are literally lighter than teak and are more affordable, so they may be a more practical and attractive choice for outdoor furniture. However, it may be worth making a slightly higher capital outlay to ensure that you have the best possible outdoor furniture made of the hardiest wood, teak.

For more information, contact The Teak Place or a similar company.

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Three People Who Need A Custom-Made Designer Bed

Research shows that the right bed can improve your mental and physical health exponentially, which is hardly surprising–after all, you spend about a third of your life in it. For most people, finding a great bed is relatively straightforward–try some out, spend a little money, and look forward to your best sleep ever. It’s not that easy for everyone, though; some people need to try a little harder to find the best bed for them. For those people, custom-made is often the key.

So just who can benefit most from a bed designed just for them?

Those who love the lifestyle of the big city.

The most cosmopolitan cities in the world–London, New York, Paris–are incredible places to live and work in, but property prices are going up every day, and space is at a premium. This means that those who love the feeling of being in the thick of it need to start thinking of new ways to maximise the space they have available to them, and pull-down beds are a great way to do that. You might have an outdated mental image of a lumpy, uncomfortable thing from a 90s sitcom, but those beds are a thing of the past – the new pull-down sleeping solutions are classy, comfortable and perfectly customised. You can turn any room into a bedroom, and keep yourself or your guests as relaxed and cosy as you’d be in a hotel.

Anyone who is significantly over six feet tall.

Your average double bed is shorter than your average tall person–which can lead to cramped legs, bad backs and all manner of other niggling issues. Kings go all the way up to 6’6″, but if you’re an in-between height and you don’t have an enormous bedroom they can be a pain to find the space for – not to mention the estimated one in ten of the Western population for whom that would still not be long enough. One of the major benefits of a custom-made bed is that it can be precisely the length and width you want it to be, meaning that you’ll never have to sleep all scrunched up again.

People who live in unconventional spaces.

Converted lighthouses, medieval cottages and your best friend’s loft can all make amazing homes, but they’re not always quite the right shape and size for most beds on the market. Or perhaps your bedroom has a nook in it that would be perfect for a sleeping space, but it’s just an inch or two out from any of the conventional mattress sizes. If any of this sounds familiar, a custom-made bed could be just the solution you’ve been waiting for; all you need to do is decide which unconventional little corner you’d like it to be built and measured for.

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